Exploring Potential Collaborations: Pakistani Government Delegation Visits DeepBlue Technology

On July 20th, a visiting delegation from the Pakistani government visited DeepBlue Technology.



The delegation included several members, such as Dr. Naveed Ahmad Chaudhry, Directing Staff National School of Public Policy, Administrative Services Division of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Iqbal, Deputy Director General of Education at the Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training, Mr. Muhammad Khalid, Director of the Intelligence and Investigation Bureau at Inland Revemue Service, Mr. Baquee Bin Hanif, Director General Finance of  University Health Sciences, Lahore in the Audit and Accounts Services Division, Mr. Muhammad Irfan, Director-General of the Housing Authority, and Mr. Abdul Karim Memon, Director-General of the Trade Development Authority.


During their visit, the delegation showed great interest in several products, including the Panda Bus, AI Physiological Detector, Hand Vein Gate, and Cleaning Robot, all of which were showcased in the exhibition hall of DeepBlue Technology. They also listened attentively to detailed product presentations.



In the meeting, Adrian Shee, general manager of business development department of DeepBlue Technology,  provided a comprehensive overview of the company's development history, product range, unique "Academy + Enterprise" business model, the four major business sectors, research achievements, and the company's global development strategy.


The delegation members gained a thorough understanding of DeepBlue's advanced technologies in areas such as autonomous driving, robotics, and medical applications. They also learned about the practical implementation of these technologies and expressed their hope for deep cooperation in these fields in the future.


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