DeepBlue Technology Unveils Silicon-Based Knowledge Grand Model for Personal Digitalization at China International Big Data Industry Expo

Recently, the "Deep Integration of Digital Economy and Physical Economy" forum of the 2023 China International Big Data Industry Expo was held in Guiyang. Executives from eight companies, including Tencent Cloud, JD Group, NetEase, and DeepBlue Technology, delivered industry speeches.



As one of the professional forums of the 2023 Data Expo, this forum, with the theme "Integrating Data into Various Industries for Innovation and Empowerment," invited leading experts and authoritative scholars from the government, industry, research, education, and application fields to give keynote speeches from the perspective of data integration. The aim was to facilitate the exchange of ideas, stimulate intellectual collisions, share multidimensional experiences in data integration, accurately understand the frontier trends of industrial development, showcase the latest achievements in integrated applications, unleash the value of data elements, and promote the deep and practical integration of digital economy and physical economy.



Chen Haibo, the founder and chairman of DeepBlue Technology, delivered a speech titled "Silicon-based Knowledge Grand Model Driving Personal Digital Industry," in which he explained the exploration and efforts made by DeepBlue Technology's "metamind" in the field of personal digitalization.


The DeepBlue silicon-based knowledge grand model utilizes technologies such as computer vision (CV), natural language processing (NLP), text-to-speech (TTS), optical character recognition (OCR), and automated machine learning (AutoML). It collects, discovers, accumulates, and applies knowledge throughout the carbon-based lifespan of users, transforming their daily thoughts, learning, and conversations into text. It creates a personal digital replica, extracts, summarizes, extracts, and trains silicon-based life, and provides ubiquitous personal digital services for the TOC (To Customer) domain, making personal silicon-based knowledge interactive and storable.



In his speech, Chen Haibo stated that as people age, their wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and memories gradually fade away with the passage of time, cell death, and brain decline. Therefore, the greatest waste is not water, electricity, or money, but the inability to preserve the wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and memories of each individual.


"Many people focus on industrial digitization or digital industrialization but overlook personal digitalization. Humans are the singularity of all needs, and individuals represent a vast digital industry. DeepBlue's metamind focuses on the discovery, accumulation, and application of knowledge throughout every person's life. It uses computer language to store their wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and memories, creating a personal AIDC (Artificial Intelligence Digital Companion). It provides perfect daily diary services and long-term silicon-based immortality services. Each individual's knowledge accumulation also contributes to human civilization. Death is not a true departure; it is the eternal extinction when the last person who remembers you forgets. The physical body will eventually return to the earth, but data will exist forever," Chen Haibo said. He believes that personal digitization based on continuous content generation capability is the most promising industry in the future digital economy.


To explore the AI field of the TOC (To Customer) domain and deeply develop personal digitalization, DeepBlue Technology applied to register "metamind" in 2017 and started deploying teams to explore the field of personal digitalization.


In late 2018, DeepBlue Technology launched its first brain-computer interface product, the 'DeepBlue Brain-Muscle Dialogue Device,' successfully achieving remote mind interaction and using conscious and muscle signals to play the game 'Tetris,' making progress in the perception and interaction of brainwave biological signals and electrical signals. In 2019, the DeepBlue team, with the deepvogue system, challenged the fashion design industry and won second place in the '2019 International Fashion Awards' by defeating 15 international teams, opening up a new path in the application of generative AI.


After years of technological research and development, in February of this year, DeepBlue Technology began internal testing of its first domestic mobile terminal application for personal digitization, the 'metamind APP,' providing personal digital services to experts and scholars in certain professional fields. 'This work is similar to a personal diary, converting personal thoughts and ideas into computer language for storage, allowing data to exist indefinitely,' explained Chen Haibo.


'The silicon-based knowledge model is quite different from chatGPT. Instead of generating text from existing knowledge, text from existing graphics, or graphics from existing text, we provide real-time knowledge discovery, accumulation, and application services to each end-user,' Chen Haibo explained. 'Every individual on Earth is a source of knowledge and a contributor to human civilization. In other words, Earth's civilization is built by countless individual civilizations. The problem is that the vast majority of people's wisdom, knowledge, and experience throughout their lives have not been accumulated, inherited, or applied. Metamind is dedicated to the discovery, accumulation, and application of personal knowledge, providing personal silicon-based knowledge collection, text generation, extraction and summarization, digital storage, interaction, and knowledge inheritance, creating a "silicon-based life" based on digital immortality for each user.'


'Metamind offers CV, NLP, TTS, OCR, AutoML, and other technological services, also creating a digital avatar for each individual. Through continuous collection and computation of images, speech, conversations, and text, a personal 'digital life' is generated, storing one's knowledge and memories. These personal knowledge, skills, experiences, and insights, transformed into computer language, are stored in the personal data center AIPDC. These data can be computed, stored, interacted with, superimposed, and inherited, generating economic and social value,' added Chen Haibo.


'In the past few years, our metamind system has already attempted to provide personal digital services to some influential figures, experts, and scholars in certain professional fields, converting their personal thoughts and ideas into computer language. In the future, these personal data can achieve several major functions: first, they can be stored, ensuring that users' memories are not lost due to the death of brain cells. No one truly dies, as the metamind slogan says: 'you are always there.' Second, they can be interacted with, meaning that in the future, each person's knowledge, wisdom, skills, and experiences can be bought and sold, generating tremendous commercial value. Third, they can be inherited. Perhaps in the future, with the advancement of brain-computer interface technology, our knowledge can be passed on to our children, and they won't need to spend decades learning. In the digitized future, everyone's descendants can be both Shakespeare and Einstein, and the world will enter a super-intelligent era,' said Chen Haibo.


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