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How to perform maintenance on Baby Turtle?

Baby Turtle features a modular and detachable design, allowing users to easily disassemble components such as the garbage bin, floor brush, detail brush, dust mop, and wastewater tank for cleaning and replacement.

Can Baby Turtle clean the floor under tables?

Yes, Baby Turtle has dimensions of (LWH) 650*580*550mm, enabling it to automatically navigate and clean under tables with a height of 550mm

Can Baby Turtle sweep carpets, and how effective is its cleaning capability?

Yes, Baby Turtle can sweep carpets and boasts a powerful 17KPA suction, effectively cleaning small debris on carpets/hard surfaces.

What cleaning functions does Baby Turtle have?

Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming, and Dust-Mopping

What hardware advantages does Baby Turtle have in its configuration?

Compared to all similar products, Baby Turtle features a 40Ah LFP battery, a 22L clean water tank, a 15L wastewater tank, and a 520mm cleaning width. Therefore, the hardware advantages enhance Baby Turtle's cleaning efficiency.

What sensors does Baby Turtle have to ensure its safety?

Baby Turtle is equipped with 2D LiDAR, 3D cameras, ultrasonic sensors, line lasers, IMU, and other sensors. Combined with our self-developed SLAM technology, it ensures the safe use of Baby Turtle.