AI Cigarette Vending Machine

The DeepBlue AI Cigarette Vending Machine is an AI-enable cigarette dispenser complete with palm-vein and facial recognition technologies to be compliant with government regulations banning the sale of cigarettes to minors under the age of 18, and at the same time support the self-service sale mode of single pack and whole strip to provide customers with a "wave of the hand purchase" experience. The machine is modular and highly flexible in terms of mounting, allowing it to be used in a variety of retail scenarios and locations. Through big data accumulated from customer’s purchasing behavior, retailers can better understand the needs and demands of their customers and tailor the products offered in the machine accordingly, thus providing value-added services to the customer directly.


  • Smart sense AI cigarette holder

    integrated smart sense sensors

    automatically recommend the last purchase of goods and related new product advertising

  • Biometric Recognition

    high-precision palm-vein recognition

    multi-dimensional identity authentication, including U-18 prohibited sales, high-precision

    identification card

  • Smart Logistics

    Modular logistics chain

    On-demand supply and delivery

    Automated retail process

  • Intelligent retail

    Robus backend system to support the business operations of joint and direct business

    support flexible, multi-point, multi-organizational structures and retail models

ai cigarette


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