AI Ecological Solutions

The maturity of the new generation of information technology is represented by AI, cloud, and 5G, pushing smart cities into the new stage of "AI City", containing unlimited opportunities. Relying on its own technologies and capabilities in autonomous driving, machine vision, biometrics, robots, and knowledge mapping domains, Deep Blue Technology provides urban end-to-end products, such as one-handed access in the city, to production and living scenarios such as urban public safety.

AI + Education

DeepBlue Technology provides a whole set of solutions from intelligent education, campus management, AI lab, Ai Course and AI assistant teaching. Intelligence Education, with the idea of "popularizing AI cognition, cultivating AI interest" , builds AI campus, builds AI innovation laboratory and develops AI innovation curriculum.

AI Campus, including campus security system, hand pulse recognition system, classroom behavior management, bright kitchen stove project, supporting AI campus management software, all-round to help strengthen campus management.

AI Labs, through AI speech recognition Internet of Things system, AI novel product experience, RFID + AI history development wall, AI test beds and more to create an AI space that teachers and students yearn for.

AI Courses, through project-based learning, let students from understanding AI, using AI, training AI, design AI, for students future professional choice and career development direction.

AI Assistant Teaching, in accordance with the actual needs of school teaching, customized development of teaching and testing aids, improve the quality of teaching, and promote education equity.