AI Ecological Solutions

The maturity of the new generation of information technology is represented by AI, cloud, and 5G, pushing smart cities into the new stage of "AI City", containing unlimited opportunities. Relying on its own technologies and capabilities in autonomous driving, machine vision, biometrics, robots, and knowledge mapping domains, Deep Blue Technology provides urban end-to-end products, such as one-handed access in the city, to production and living scenarios such as urban public safety.

AI+ Comprehensive administration

Enabling integrated urban governance through artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies, assisting in the construction of an integrated urban governance cloud platform for data collection, intelligent decision-making and law enforcement linkage, and multi-source video fusion and intelligent analysis of social governance-related modules, we will move forward with intelligent management of urban streets, construction sites and bright kitchen stoves, and comprehensively improve the ability and level of comprehensive social management to make urban management more sophisticated.