DeepBlue Palm-vein Access Control System

The DeepBlue Palm-vein Access Control System uses proprietary palm-vein biometric recognition technology to replace passwords and access cards, further reducing human error and improving security levels. The palm-vein not only recognizes the identity of the user, but also relays data for use with integrated systems, such as personnel management and area access. A simple and intuitive user-friendly system, the palm-vein access control system simplifies everyday frustrations and ensures a more secure and pleasant experience in public areas.


  • Smart Authentication

    Multi-modal authentication

    High accuracy rates

    High recognition speeds

  • High Security Assurance

    Proprietary algorithm and hardware

    User friendly and secure management platform

    Palm-vein core technology encryption

  • Smart application

    Automatic daily attendance/timestamp recording

    Supports offline and event access control

    Automatic access control recognition and management

  • Smart Maintenance

    Automatic software and hardware upgrade reminders

    Automatic crash analysis and restart

    Searchable logs and fault analysis and monitoring

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