Palm Vein Recognition Access Gate (Vertical)

DeepBlue Technology presents a new innovation on security access through application of AI palm-vein recognition technology, with an economical vertical shape . Equipped with a palm-vein and pulse acquisition module and a high-resolution camera, the gate operates on biometric authentication through proprietary facial and palm-vein recognition. The product design is made up of three modules: the queue buffer area, identity check area, and the pass control area, for convenience in transportation, and installation. At the same time, statistics are in sync with platforms for company or property management during visitations or daily activities.


  • Biometric Acquisition

    The built-in pulse acquisition module and high-resolution camera are used for biometric information acquisition, identification and analysis.

  • Intelligent module

    The identity verification gate controls and buffer the queue at the traffic control area

  • Smart platform

    Quick release finger protection features

    ultrasound sensing

    simple and easy user operating system

  • Security and Energy Conservation

    Active protection and safety support

    Supports automatic return mode

    Supports large capacity battery

ai stick
auto gate


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