DeepBlue Vending Machine (Large)

The DeepBlue Vending Machine is a ‘learning’ robot, as it combines the latest in AI technology with the fast moving physical retail scene, elevating the whole shopping process into a fast, convenient and simple one. This will give users a better experience and help retailers learn more about their customers through data. The user simply opens the door by scanning their palm, takes whatever they would like to purchase and closes the door. The system will then calculate automatically how much will be deducted, and charges accordingly.


  • Palm-vein recognition

    High-precision biometric recognition technology

    Utilizing infrared photography enabling non-contact collection

    Recognition of DNA biometrics and data imprint

  • Visual recognition

    Deep-learning algorithms

    Convolutional neural networks

    AI Cameras with 360 degree accuracy

  • Intelligent Backend platform

    Remote access to vending machine for maintenance

    Connected payment options for customers

  • Smart Retail

    Connected payment options for customers

    Eight management features available

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