Palm Vein Recognition Access Gate (Circular)

DeepBlue Technology presents a new innovation on security access through application of AI palm-vein recognition technology. Equipped with a palm-vein and pulse acquisition module and a high-resolution camera, the gate operates on biometric authentication through proprietary facial and palm-vein recognition. The product design is made up of three modules: the queue buffer area, identity check area, and the pass control area. Furthermore, the gate is modular, providing quick and easy installation and removal. The data is processed and collected to the security office or the property management service platform, providing efficient and convenient solution for visiting and receiving guests on a frequent and daily basis.


  • Smart Authentication

    Multi-modal authentication

    High accuracy rates

    High recognition speeds

  • High Security Assurance

    Proprietary algorithm and hardware

    User friendly and secure management platform

    Palm-vein core technology encryption

  • Smart application

    Automatic access control recognition and management

    Automatic daily attendance/timestamp recording

    Supports offline and event access control

  • Smart Maintenance

    Automatic software and hardware upgrade reminders

    Searchable logs and fault analysis and monitoring

    Automatic crash analysis and restart

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