DeepBlue Public Hygiene Robot

DeepBlue Public Hygiene Robot is a combination of unmanned driving technology and traditional floor cleaners. Its core AI technologies includes in-depth learning and robot vision to create intelligent new cleaning products with multiple service modes and powerful cleaning functions. It empowers environmental protection industry to upgrade, solve practical problems such as limited human resources and rising costs, and promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the environmental protection industry.


  • Autopilot

    Auto navigation and barriers.

    Supports regular and automatic usage.

    Identify obstacles and pedestrians autonomously.

  • Smart Cleaning

    Single map with multiple area customisation and combination cleaning operations.

    Supports autonomous coverage and cleaning operations in a single area.

    Provide different cleaning operation modes for different floor surfaces.

  • Background Intelligence

    Provide standard cleaning operation report.

    Support OTA online upgrade and cloud management platform.

    Real-time collection of data and record cleaning results.

  • Safety and Energy-savings

    100% electric-powered with zero emissions.

    Support large capacity battery at 52A.

    Supports automatic homeport charging

    Multi-sensor fusion technology and comprehensive active protection to ensure safety

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