DeepBlue Service Robot

DeepBlue technology service robot can provide intelligent services in hotel, enterprise reception, VIP reception, government reception and other application scenarios. It can identify autonomous path planning and navigation in common indoor environment, and can autonomously avoid obstacles and navigate; Equipped with the capabilities of pulse recognition, identity identification, face recognition, item delivery, voice interaction, and more. it can also conduct intelligent services such as welcome guidance, building express, information inquiry, and verification booth.


  • Autopilot

    Automated route planning and gps ability based on task allocated

    Identify obstacles and pedestrians autonomously

    Supports regular and automatic usage

  • Cloud Management

    supports tasks prioritization and allocation ability

    Support cloud platform to issue manual tasks anytime

    support cloud platform to set up configurations for different tasks at different time

  • Human-computer interactions

    Robot navigation, GPS, task allocation, and interaction management

    6Mic audio array,Voice interaction capable

  • Energy efficiency

    Supports automatic homeport charging

    Support large capacity battery at 52A, battery life up to 8 hours


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