High Speed Rail Robot

DeepBlue technology's High Speed Rail Robot (also known as high-speed railway xiaobao) is a fully automatic intelligent retail robot specially designed to meet passengers' demand for convenient shopping in high-speed rail carriages. This effectively reduces the crew's workload while creating a brand new shopping experience for the customers. Through the integration of the latest AI technology and mobile payment technology, the fully automatic high speed rail robot adopts recognition features and unmanned integration of fully automatic mobile retail mode, such as the security of sales and settlement. It can also be customized and upgraded according to different indoor environments, to meet the needs of automatic selling including stations, shopping malls, offices and other scenes.


  • Autopilot

    Identify obstacles and pedestrians autonomously

    Auto navigation and barriers

    One key select all function

  • Smart vending retail

    Automatic vending retail services model

    Flash responsive, scan for goods

    semi automatic retail services model

  • Smart Platform

    Grating induction quick release finger protection features

    Ultrasonic scene perception

    Easy to use computer user operating system

  • Security and Energy Conservation

    Active protection and safety support

    Supports automatic return mode

    Supports large capacity battery

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