DeepBlue Panda AI Bus

The DeepBlue Panda Bus is a full-fledged luxury passenger bus equipped with artificial technologies such as self-driving capabilities. With a total length of approximately 12m, it is powered by a lithium ion phosphate battery. This next-generation bus also boasts other AI technologies, such as biometric scanners, in-vehicle robot assistants, voice recognition, smart advertisement sensors, and in-vehicle cameras all integrated into one single product. The DeepBlue Panda Bus is also equipped to be a focal point for new technologies such as unmanned retail and intelligent escape emergency response systems, so that the commuter experience can be re-interpreted to be a convenient and positive one. The Panda Bus is our contribution to empowering next-generation smart cities and public transport systems through Artificial Intelligence and improve the lives of commuters all around the world.


  • Autonomous Driving

    Bus services can be comprehensively served using high-performance autonomous driving technology, and augmented with AI such as computer vision, algorithms, autopilot technology and neural networks. This reduces fatigue and workloads of bus drivers and ensure consistency and reliability across large city infrastructure and networks. Using AI to aid public transport networks can be a solution to highly congested traffic situations and support comprehensive city planning.

  • Unmanned Retail

    The AI Panda Bus has an intelligent unmanned retail system that aims to expedite the consumer purchasing process, bringing speed and convenience such that commuters can simply ‘take-and-go’. It uses computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and 360-degree cameras to accurately identify goods and complete transactions automatically through integrations with an individual’s deep-vein palm identity. At the same time, we can use the collected data to collect and analyze consumption and configure commodity SKUs as needed to refine operations.

  • Palm-vein Recognition Scanner

    The AI Panda Bus utilises high-precision bio-intelligence recognition technology such as near-infrared light to capture non-contact collection of internal living characteristics at 3mm below the skin. DeepBlue’s algorithm matching and recognition of unique DNA biometric values inside the palm can then be used to generate a unique identity to detect and authenticate commuters. Using this technology, commuters can have unprecedented convenience with just a wave of their hands to improve their public transport journeys and experiences.

  • Customised entertainment options

    The AI Panda Bus is equipped with 7 different panels for real-time marketing communication and 15 seat back displays for passengers to choose between different multimedia content. Advertisers can use the screens to reach out to a captive audience, and in-vehicle cameras can detect and adapt to a commuter’s interests. This improves the rider experience and also helps the bus owner to generate revenue. At the same time, the advertising charges are more reasonable and evidence-based, and data can be collected to improve the services over time.

  • Automated Driver
    Assistance Systems

    The Automated Driver Assistance Systems monitors the interior of the vehicle with a 360 degree view, senses the real-time state of the drivers and commuters, and interprets risks and behaviours through cloud-based technology. Through AI voice interaction, drivers can be alerted to situations. In addition, the systems will remind drivers to drive safely to further improve comfort for travellers.

  • Voice Automated Assistant

    The Voice Automated Assistant can provide passengers with convenient travel information based on the real-time information collected during the vehicle operation, real-time road conditions, shopping information around the vicinity, and direct voice communication between human and computer. This reduces the situations where commuters can be distractions. The DeepBlue speech interactive robot can recognize and respond to the speaker's voice in the noisy environment of the bus. With over 95% recognition rates, the assistant is also built to adapt to 60-85 DB noise ranges.

  • Abnormal Situation Monitoring Systems

    High security abnormal behavior monitoring system, comprehensive identification and analysis of passengers abnormal behavior, including: theft, fights, smoking and so on. If similar behavior is detected, the system will record the person's physical features, the background broadcast early warning, so that the safety of commuters will not be affected and disruption will be minimized.

  • 智能逃生紧急处理系统


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