Panda Mobile Restaurant

The Panda Mobile Restaurant is a multi-functional intelligent mobile dining car that is able to be customised according to a variety of needs, including appearance and modular functions. The Mobile Restaurant is equipped with the latest in AI systems, such as autonomous driving, computer vision, semantic and energy saving technologies. The in-built kitchen is installed with smart delivery and cooking modules that is easy to clean and replace. The Restaurant can be used for a variety of solutions and environments, such as in parks, industrial areas or tourist attractions. The Panda Mobile Restaurant brings a new way of dining and convenience to both owners and diners, allowing much needed flexibility in urban conditions.


  • Smart Environment Interpretation

    intelligent location of customers

    facial recognition into the store, food delivery

    scanning code quick intelligent order

  • Mobile catering

    multi-functional open casual dining area

    super fast catering service with dense flow of people

    intelligent mobile catering service under static and dynamic different scenarios

  • Intelligent module

    equipped with sunshade extension, body outreach, and so on

    can be customized according to customer needs of the intelligent module of the vehicle

  • Safe and energy-saving

    new energy power system

    intelligent food delivery management services

    smart kitchen



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