DeepBlue AI Sanitization and Vacuum Robot

DeepBlue AI Sanitisation and Vacuum Robot is an unmanned technology and traditional industrial vacuum vehicle combined with SLAM technology, self-developed indoor laser technology, 3d visual identification technology, and equipped with ultrasonic, gyroscope and other sensor technologies. It can accomplish high-precision laser mapping for urban locations, obstacle recognition, autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance for indoor complex scenes, and has built-in full-coverage path planning algorithm which allows the robot to vacuum the entire map area on its own while providing a manual mode for simple or more comprehensive ground vacuuming. DeepBlue’s sanitisation and vacuum robots helps the cleaning industry to solve the shortage of human resources and rising costs when cleaning efficiency is low.


  • Autonomous Navigation

    Automatic navigation and barriers

    Autonomous recognition of obstacles and pedestrians

    Full coverage path planning algorithm

  • Intelligent Sanitization

    For different ground, provide different disinfection and cleaning mode

    Support single-area machine and single map multi-area automatic coverage disinfection and cleaning

    Support different stone floor materials with different brush plate, not grinding

  • Big Data Management

    Support automatic online upgrades and cloud management platform

    access to real-time data, record disinfection cleaning results

    support 5G communication, provide 5G communication-based device monitoring

  • Safe and Energy Efficient

    support automatic return charging

    support large capacity battery

    multi-sensor fusion technology



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