AI Road Sweeper

Through application of DeepBlue’s independent research and AI development such as computer vision, automated driving and navigation and all weather operation capability, the AI Road Sweeper can detect and adjust operations routes independently, identify and avoid obstacles and and can start and end work by itself, enabling less human supervision and less pressure and risk when operating on the road.


  • Autopilot

    The autopilot system includes autonomous path planning

    active obstacle avoidance such as automated car following and intelligence overtaking

    intelligent operation to reduce the risk of traffic accidents and autonomous identification of pedestrians

  • Smart Cleaning

    The smart cleaning technology include a one key switch system to change to wet filtration format

    It also has a 5cm precise welt cleaning which can be customized.

    According to different scenarios such as intelligent garbage detection and cleaning.

  • Background Intelligence

    The intelligent terminal can be managed and controlled remotely in real-time setting

    This allow flexibility in scheduling tasks, multi-machine linkage,real-time data collection

    intelligent pre-warning on product life cycle control for OTA upgrade.

    records on the cleaning effect for future intelligent data analysis

  • Personnel Safety and Energy-efficient

    There is a multi-sensor fusion technology and comprehensive active protection to ensure safety

    VEC U high efficiency control system is adopted for pure electric vehicles to achieve zero emissions

    The AI Road Sweeper has passed vehicle-grade safety redundancy design and tests as well.

Smart Road


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