Smart Patrol Robot

Capable of performing full-time autonomous tasks on a 7 * 24-hour basis, it can potentially replace personnel carrying out repetitive or hazardous area security patrol operations through modular equipment, it can complete the functions of abnormal behavior monitoring, personnel detection and recording, abnormal high temperature or fire alarm, abnormal environmental data alarm and others. The Smart Patrol Robot is also equipped with a remote monitoring module, and can replace the personnel into dangerous places to complete the survey task.


  • Autonomous Navigation

    Fixed Patrol area designation and blacklist recognition

    Supports fixed-point automatic monitoring

    Smart obstacle, pedestrians and suspicious-object identification

  • Cloud Management

    Remote enablement and real time management via cloud platform

    Real time monitoring and information feedback

    Supports human-computer interaction

  • Smart Backend Systems

    Equipped with humidity and temperature sensors

    Able to detect and avoid obstacles and collisions

  • Security and Energy Conservation

    Runs on electricity,Zero emissions

    Support automatic return and charging

Smart patrol


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