DeepBlue Vending Machine (Small)

The AI Vending Machine (Small) is an organic combination of traditional manufacturing technology and contemporary intelligent IoT technology, that has immeasurable application prospects and market potential. Through the code scan verification on the AI Vending machine (small), the identity of consumers opens the vending machine. Consumers can open the cabinet door to purchase products by themselves, and close the door after the selection. After the product selection, the system will detect automatically and products purchased by consumers will be identified, automatic deductions will be implemented.


  • Qr code verification

    Based on this QR code, merchants can replenish, remove shelves, take inventory, etc

    Supports WeChat and Alipay

  • Visual recognition

    Deep-learning algorithms

    Convolutional neural networks

    AI Cameras with 360 degree accuracy

  • Intelligent Backend platform

    Remote access to vending machine for maintenance

    Cabinet will be open completely upon verification

  • Smart Retail

    Connected payment options for customers

    Eight management features available



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