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We’ll never stop moving forward in the endless way of innovations. DeepBlue Technology has been dedicated to the fundamental research and application development of the latest AI technologies, anddominatedthe output of intelligent software and the design and manufacturing of independent hard software. As a world-class AI Maker, we are achieving rapid development and in-depth layout in both domestic and foreign markets, and we sincerely hope that we can join hands with more and more far-sighted and high-tech talents in creating a new world for AI in the future.

Competence requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree or above in mathematics, computer vision, pattern recognition, signal processing, mechatronics and other majors;

2. Proficient in C/C++ development language programming as well as data structures and algorithms, and withsolid mathematical knowledge, including matrix theory, linear algebra, probability, optimization and other relevant knowledge;

3. Minimum 3 years of experience in practical development of visual SLAM algorithm;

4. Proficientuse of OpenCL programming, and OpenCL development experience;

5. Solid knowledge ofprogramming and algorithms, and proficient in C/C++, Matlab, etc.

6. Familiar with common image processing algorithms and various communication modes, can independently complete algorithm testing and verification, master vision-related knowledge with regard to CCD/CMOS illumination and optics, and proficient in visual model selection;

7. Familiar with single-view/multi-view SLAM algorithm, including EKF-SLAM, OKVIS, ORB-SLAM, SVO-SLAM, DSO-SLAM, etc., and master geometric knowledge with regard to SLAM and SFM basic photograph;

8. Able to develop SLAM map building algorithm and tracking and positioning algorithm integrating multiple sensors dominated by vision (including but not limited to visual monocular, binocular, RGBD camera, inertial navigation, etc.), and candidatesvery familiar with the integration and tuning based on camera, GPS, IMU and milemeter data preferred.

9. Proficient in English, able to directly read English scientific papers.


Achieve the positioning and navigation of mobile robots in the environment without map guidance based on the framework of visual SLAM algorithm, and track the latest international technology trends.

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Competence requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree or above in motor control,automationand other relevant majors;

2. Proficient in motor control principles; experience in application and development of sine wave and field-oriented control (FOC), and debugging of PID controller;

3. Familiar with C language, and candidates with SOC development experience preferred;

4. Years of working experience in industries related to servo or frequency converter, and experience in the whole-process development of the project on control over permanent magnet synchronous motor;

5. Candidates with robot servo drive or controller development experiencepreferred;

6. Strong logical thinking ability, problem analyzing and resolving ability, sustainable self-learning ability and willingness, and good at communication and logical expression;

7. High enthusiasm for the robot industry, able to properlyhandle stress, and fond of robot R&D work.


1. Responsible for the development of built-in software for robot servo driver;

2. Help relevant project teamsresolveissues regarding servo motor drive, subjecting to the motor demands of various project teams;

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Competence requirements:

1. Master’s degree or above in navigation, guidance and control, automation, electronics, computer, communication and other relevant majors

2. Proficient in the design of inertial navigation, integrated navigation and Kalman filtering algorithms

3. Proficiently master the multi-source data fusion filtering algorithm

4. Familiar with C/matlab language programming

5. Candidates with relevant GNSS software development experience preferred

6. Candidates with visual/IMU fusion algorithmR&D experience preferred


1. Responsible for the design and R&D ofGNSS/INS integrated navigation algorithm.

2. Responsible for the design and R&D of multi-sensor fusion positioning algorithm.

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Competence requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree or above in computer software, communication, electronics and other relevant majors, and two years of experience inrelevant work;

2. Proficient in C/C++ language, shell, and familiar with STL library, Boost library, C11 standard features, the application and programming of Cmake or Makefile as well as QT and other development tools;

3. Solid basic knowledge regarding computer, and familiar with common data structures and algorithms as well as basic concepts and skills in high concurrency programming;

4. Familiar with Socket programming, network programming, multi-process and multi-thread programming technologies;

5. Havingcertain software architecture experience, and familiar with linux system architecture and software engineering;

6. Candidates able to position memory leak, coredump and performance-related problems preferred;

7. Candidates familiar with audio/video development (collection/coding and decoding/transmission)technologies and IM architecture preferred.


1. Responsible for the development and performance optimization regarding the functions of the company’s robot/unmanned vehicle series products at the side of upper computer and sever;

2. Work with product and testing departments on product level testing, fault positioning, resourceoptimization, etc.;

3. Prepare function specification document, design plan document, etc.

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Competence requirements:

1. Candidates with doctoral degreepreferred, and candidates with master’s degree must have solid mathematical knowledge;

2. Experience in deep learning and the research and application of computer vision, and familiar with common methods (object classification and recognition) and tools (caffe,tensorflow,etc.)

3. Deep understanding of deep learning algorithm and hardware architecture;

4. Rich knowledge and experience in optimization, clipping and fixed-pointprocessing of deep learning network;

5. Rich experience in development and optimization of hardware-oriented algorithms;

6. Deep understanding of the design of large-scale parallel processor architecture;

7. With strong team-work spirit and great interpersonal skill.


1. Cooperate with algorithm engineer to develop less complex deep learning algorithm suitable for hardware implementation;

2. Carry out a series of optimization, clipping and fixed-point processing regarding the deep learning network to reduce complexity while maintaining accuracy;

3. Cooperate with FPGA/chip engineer to develop programmable deep learning software to accelerate the design of modular architecture.

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Job category:

AI scientist, algorithm expert, chip expert, robot R&D expert, automatic driving expert, doctor workstation, AI expert and structure expert.

Recruitment majors:

mathematics, physics, statistics, microelectronics, software engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, automation engineering, electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, information and communication engineering, control science and engineering.

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