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  • Mission

    Dedicated to the basic research and application development of artificial intelligence

  • Vision

    The spirit of creation never stops

  • Purpose

    Serving Humanity throught AI

  • Strategy

    Strengthen both ends to connect the chain circuit

Brand History

Emerging from"Deep Blue", Becoming"DeepBlue"

On May 11, 1997, when a computer moved a soldier on the chessboard to the C4 position, Kasparov, the greatest chess master in human history, had to admit frustratingly that he had lost. A "human-machine war" at the end of the century finally ended with the victory of computers.

The computer is an IBM “Deep Blue” super technology with 32 microprocessors that can compute 200 million steps per second.

Its victory has led humans into thinking that the tools created by humans have defeated humanity itself, especially in the field of intelligence. This led to a deep discussion about the relationship between human creation and itself. “Deep Blue” super technology’s unique selling point is the use of computer game algorithms to complete the learning of millions of excellent chess players in a short period of time. Eventually it has realized a more efficient and accurate "game of chess" and it has become an artificial intelligence to change people's lifestyle.

With the wave of the industrial revolution represented by AI throughout the world in 2014, the founding team of the DeepBlue super technology gave up its renowned brand abroad and returned to China. Together with a group of PhDs led by founder Anderson Chen, they returned to start a business and founded Deep Blue Technology with the vision of "Serving Humanity through AI".

DeepBlue is synonymous with "Deep Blue". While commemorating this epoch-making change, the word "blue" was changed to a word signifying an orchid in the Chinese language. The orchid is a definition of a gentleman in Chinese culture. Orchids do not have large flowers and leaves. Simple and quiet, elegant and high-clean, it also shows that DeepBlue is a noble Chinese company with a noble beginning.

As a fast-growing artificial intelligence leader in the AI industry, DeepBlue Technology, a platform-based world-class AI Maker, has been widely deployed in the fields of smart cars, smart environments, and smart cities. The "Deep Blue" computer has transformed AI technology from an abstract symbolic code into a familiar technology weapon for the public. While DeepBlue has inherited the spirit of pioneering research, dedicated to basic research and application development of artificial intelligence, relying on independent intellectual property core technologies such as computer vision, biometric intelligence, and cognitive intelligence and have won more than ten championships in many top world computer science and artificial intelligence field events such as PAKDD, IEEE ISI, CVPR, SIGIR, KDD, and ICCV. DeepBlue technology has truly live up to their vision of “serving humanity through AI”, while paying tribute to the great pioneers of the times through our common vision.

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