Chizhou Municipal Government Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with DeepBlue Technology


December 24,Chizhou Daily (Reporter: LU Hanfang): Chizhou Municipal Government and DeepBlue Technology jointly held the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation agreement.

The mayor YONG Chenghan and the chairman of DeepBlue Technology CHEN Haibo attended the activity and made a speech. WANG Fangying, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, SUN Gexin, deputy mayor, ZHAO En’lai, vice chairman of the Municipal Committee of CPPCC, CHENG Guoqing, secretary of Party Working Committee of Chizhou Economic Development Zone and director of the Administrative Committee, attended the activity. LIU Yuangui, executive vice-president of DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and SUN Gexin signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. WU Qinghua, secretary general of Municipal Government, hosted the signing ceremony.

YONG Chenghan pointed out that the vigorous promotion of the in-depth integration of AI and industry development was highly consistent with the features, industry selections and development directions of Chizhou City. And it is also an important strategic choice for us to seize the significant opportunity in Yangtze River Delta Region upgrading as a national strategy and to promote high-quality economic development. We will earnestly implement the important instructions of general secretary XI Jinping on promoting the development of new-generation AI and take the signing of our cooperation agreement as an opportunity to strengthen the connection between supply and demand, actively plan cooperation projects in the fields of smart city, smart manufacturing and smart tourism, provide more suitable conditions and create a better environment for enterprises, thus to promote the implementation of strategic agreement in a project-based way and strive to create the investment depression for AI industry. It is hoped that DeepBlue will take Chizhou as an important part of its development layout, help Chizhou introduce and cultivate upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises of AI, accelerate the agglomeration of advantageous resources, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation through co-building and sharing.

CHEN Haibo said that DeepBlue Technology is a company committed to fundamental research and application development of AI. The strategic cooperation between DeepBlue Technology and Chizhou Municipal Government will aim at the forefront of the development of new-generation AI industry and combine with the unique advantages of Chizhou in tourism, culture, agriculture and other fields to focus on the application and commercial development of AI, build a new platform for AI innovation and entrepreneurship in Anhui Province, and create a new highland of AI in southern Anhui. The city spirit of Chizhou advocates “arduously starting a business and makingconstant struggle” while the corporate philosophy of DeepBlue is to “make constant and exquisite creation and make constant progress”, both of which demonstrate the pioneering spirit of “faith will move mountains”. We wish that the strategic cooperation between the two sides will contribute to the economic and social development of Chizhou and the rapid development of the new-generation AI.

(Source: Chizhou Daily)