Central South University-DeepBlue AI Joint Research Institute Was Settled in Xiangjiang New Area of Hunan


On the morning of December 21, 2018, the “AI+”Academicians Summit Forum& the Opening Ceremony of Central South University-DeepBlue AI Joint Research Institute,sponsored by Hunan Provincial Science& Technology Department, Industry and Information Technology Department of Hunan Province and Xiangjiang New Area of Hunan Province and presented by Central South University and DeepBlue Technology for boosting the construction of innovative province in Hunan, was grandly held in Central South University.

On the morning of the same day, ZHOU Kechao, vice president of Central South University, and CHEN Haibo, chairman and CEO of DeepBlue Technology, jointly unveiled the nameplate of the institute and awarded letters of appointment to the members of the First Expert Advisory Committee. And then, the first meeting of the committee was successfully held.Members of the First Expert Advisory Committee included several academicians of AI and related fields.

It is reported that the institute will settle in the Central South University Science and Technology Park (R&D) Headquarters in Yuelu Mountain National University Science &Technology Town, Xiangjiang New Area of Hunan. In the future, it will focus on the research on the foundation of cutting-edge AI technologies and the development and application of cutting-edge AI technologies, etc. Based on major national demands and combined with the advantages of Central South University in a complete range of disciplines and multidisciplinary intersection& integration, it will make key layout of AI technology development and application in manufacturing, transportation, materials, metallurgy, mining, medical and other fields through cooperating with DeepBlue Technology to establish innovation communication platform, thus to vigorously promote the development of innovative province and create an AI highland in central and southern China.

At the summit forum on the morning of the day, CHAI Tianyou, professor of Northeastern University, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and expert in the field of automation and CHEN Jie, professor and president of Tongji University and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, respectively made the special reports themed by Development Trends of Industrial AI and Some Scientific Problems and Disruptive Technologies in the Development of AI. WANG Chenghong, vice chairman of Chinese Association of Automation, former director of the Third Information Department of NSFCand researcher, made a special report themed by From the Kalman Framework to the Intelligent Control Framework. In the afternoon, experts from Central South University and the scientific research team of DeepBlue Technology also introduced the research and application of AI in various fields such as city, AI bus, manufacturing, self-driving, materials, genome and medical treatment, etc.The academic atmosphere at the forum was extremely strong, and the sharing and communication of the academicians and experts pushed this grand event in the field of AI to a new height.

GUI Weihua, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Information Science and Engineering of Central South University and honorary dean of the research institute, said, “AI has become a new engine of contemporary economic change and a core driving force leading the current strategic technology and new round of industrial change.The establishment of Central South University-DeepBlue AI Joint Research Institute has opened a new situation for the research and application of AI in Hunan Province, which is not only expected to train and transport more professional talents for AI industry, but also expected to cooperate with the expert team of DeepBlue Technology to achieve double harvest in scientific research achievements and practical application.”

CHEN Haibo, chairman and CEO of DeepBlue Technology and the founder and director of the joint research institute, said, “The cooperation with Central South University is of great significance in the development of DeepBlue Technology and will inject more powerful energy into the research and development of DeepBlue Technology.Standing at the new starting point of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up, the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution represented by AI areemerging. DeepBlue Technology will continue to do its best to cultivate future generations of sci-tech masters and promote the process of ‘AI serving people’s livelihood’.”

It is reported that DeepBlue Technology relies on its key patented technologies such as deep learning, machine vision, biometrics and other AI algorithms and medium-less payment to have made in-depth layout in self-driving and vehicle manufacturing, AI robot, AI CITY, biological intelligence, retail upgrading, intelligent speech, intelligent security, chip, education and other fields.

(Source: www.xinhuanet.com)