DeepBlue Technology Will Build “Two Institutes, One College and One Zone” in Wuhan for In-depth Research on AI


Wuhan Million Alumnus AI Investment in Wuhan•South-Central University for Nationalities Session was held on December 2, 2018. At the event, South-Central University for Nationalities introduced a group of high-level AI talents who had mastered cutting-edge technologies and got global vision, thus to provide talent support for the fourth industrial revolution with AI industry as the core in Wuhan.

LI Jinlin, president of South-Central University for Nationalities, introduced the two highlights of special talent introduction and intelligence gathering

First, it is planned to specially engage ZHAO Qinping, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as the “talent recruitment consultant” of Wuhan. He once took the lead in the research of machine analogical reasoning in China, presided over the design and implementation of the chip-level analogic reasoning machine, and built the analogic reasoning machine system by using the combination of software and hardware;

Second, it is planned to sign agreement on major intelligence projects— DeepBlue Central China Headquarters Project, to build “two institutes, one college and one zone”, namely two or several in-depth research institutes on AI in Central China, one DeepBlue University and one AI application demonstration zone and strive to establish the world’s leading new highland of AI industry.

CHEN Haibo, founder, chairman and CEO of DeepBlue Technology, said in the interview, “The universities in Wuhan have outstanding advantages and abundant talent reserve. As an important comprehensive megalopolis and an important transportation hub in Central China, Wuhan has broad market prospect, which are the important factors for Wuhan to attract the enterprises’ settlement.”

South-Central University for Nationalities (SCUEC for short), directly subordinating to National Ethnic Affairs Commission of PRC, is a university directly under the central ministry and jointly established by National Ethnic Affairs Commission, Ministry of Education, Hubei Provincial People’s Government and Wuhan Municipal directly People’s Government.

(Source: Yangtze River Daily)