DeepBlue Technology Made the Layout in Quzhou: Create China’s First AI In-depth Cooperation Demonstration City


The founding conference of the Institute of Economic Development for Accelerating the Development of Digital Economy in Zhejiang Quzhou and Southeast China was held on November 28, 2018. At the conference, DeepBlue Technology and Quzhou Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

DeepBlue Technology will set up the regional headquarters in Quzhou. By developing the first practicable public road for self-driving route in Zhejiang Province and deploying robots for self-service new retail, logistics, patrol and cleaning, etc., with machine vision application research institute as the drive, Quzhou will be created into China’s first demonstration city having in-depth cooperation with the AI of DeepBlue, and an AI industrial agglomeration and demonstration area integrating AI industrial agglomeration platform, AI service demonstration area and self-driving pilot area will be built.

XU Wenguang, secretary of Quzhou Municipal Party Committee, said in his speech that digital economy had opened up a different pattern and a different future for Quzhou. The development of Quzhou has ushered in a new era, a great era and a good era with both superior trends of The Times and promising prospects.

Quzhou is the birthplace and second hometown of Confucius’ descendent, famous for “Ancestral Temple for Confucius Family, Holy Land for Confucius”. As one of the first batch of pilot cities of “Village Video Surveillance Project” in China, there are currently 52,600 cameras in the front end of Quzhou, and more than 9 million pieces of data are gathered to the city’s comprehensive administration center every day. So far, more than 3.3 billion pieces of data from departments and social sectors have been collected.

In the future, the high-precision intelligent monitoring equipment carrying DeepBlue independent self-developed machine vision technology will realize automatic discovery of hidden dangers, timely report and deal with the dangers, make the “Village Video Surveillance Project” upgrade from the traditional single“visible eyes”to“thinking brain” by analyzing the intelligent real-time video images and combining with the analysis and process of relevant data from various departments in the city.

On November 27, Quzhou Municipal Committee of Experts on Digital Economy was founded. Dr. WANG Xinlei, vice president and technical partner of DeepBlue Technology, was engaged as an expert of the think tank. He will take advantage of the technology, talents and capital of DeepBlue to provide power for the economic development of Quzhou AI CITY

Nearly 500 people attended the conference and witnessed the signing ceremony, including the secretary-generals of Quzhou Municipal Party Committee, Quzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Quzhou municipal government and Quzhou Municipal Committee of CPPCC; principals of party and government administration, heads of organization departments, leaders in charge of government from all counties (cities and districts); all experts of Quzhou Municipal Committee of Experts on Digital Economy; all member units of Quzhou Digital Economy Industry Alliance; and directors of academic affairs offices of colleges and universities in the province, etc.