WU Qing, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai: “All in Palm-Go” Can Be Used in Shanghai and It’s Good for Privacy Protection


On the morning of November 14, 2018, WU Qing, member of Shanghai Municipal Leading Party Group and the deputy mayor, visited the headquarters of DeepBlue Technology for research and held a symposium. WANG Weiren, party secretary of Changning District Committee, GU Honghui, deputy party secretary of Chang ning District Committee, governorof Changning District and secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Changning District, RONG Zhiqin, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission, LIU Min, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, LI Jun, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Finance Office, CHEN Chang, vice-chairman of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce and relevant leaders of Shanghai Municipal Government and district governments accompanied WU and attended the symposium.

During the visit, the deputy mayor WU Qing and his delegation visited DeepBlue Academy of Sciences and DeepBlueAI Town. WU also experienced the shopping process of the self-developed DeepBlue AI Multi-Functional Commercial Vehicle.

DeepBlue AI Multi-Functional Commercial Vehicle is an intelligent mobile consumption scenario created by DeepBlue with the utilization of AI technologies including self-driving and self-service store, which can successfully realize infinite access to the customer group from call-a-car to call-a-store.

Moreover, WU also experienced the DeepBlue AI products including DeepBlue Vending Robot and DeepBlue AI Auto Gate, and got to knowthe self-developed image product of “the Belt and Road”— DeepBlue Panda Bus, AI Garbage Can, AI CITY and other related project products. He also praised the unremitting exploration and efforts of DeepBlue in the fundamental research and application development of AI.

At the symposium, the chairman of DeepBlue Mr. CHEN Haibo first reported the development achievements of DeepBlue in intelligent driving& vehicle manufacturing, AI robot, AI CITY, biological intelligence, retail upgrading, intelligent speech, intelligent security, chip, military industry and other fields, and then introduced DeepBlue’s key projects under research and development currently.

DeepBlue Go, which focuses on self-developed technologies such as “pair learning”, has received PK challenges from more than ten top international costume design institutions; the brain-muscle interface project, which centers on brain science research, can help blind and disabled people by transmitting conscious signals such as brain waves; there are also whole genome sequencing and testing project and new generation of urban intelligence that serve the medical treatment and health, and the AI CITY that serves the people’s livelihood, etc.

“It can be used in Shanghai and it’s good for privacy protection.”When hearing that the “All in Palm-Go”project of DeepBlue would be launched in dozens of cities across the country, WU expressed his affirmation and support. WANG Weiren, party secretary of Changning District Committee, also said that the palm vein recognition was better than face recognition and it could well protect the privacy. The “All in Palm-Go” can solve lots of problems and is very convenient.

Meanwhile, WU also got a detailed learning of the rapid rise of DeepBlue and the reasons why DeepBlue can rank in the top list in the fields of AI, software and hardware, and obtain a large number of orders from the government and industry leading enterprises. He also expressed his support for DeepBlue in using its self-developed technology to create the most advanced panda bus in China and even the world at present, and using AI vision technology to reduce the cost of self-driving.

CHEN Haibo first expressed thanks to WU Qing for his recognition of DeepBlue and said that DeepBlue would take root in Shanghai, make good use of the internationalization advantages of Shanghai and continue to strengthen the talents introduction with world famous colleges, enhance the construction of talent team, and reinforce the cultivation of reserve talents, thus to provide more adequate talent support for the development of science, technology and industry. DeepBlue would be committed to the fundamental research of AI,R&D of original technologies and exploration of “depopulated zone” of technology, attach great emphasis on enhancement of original ability, take the key core technologies as the main R&D direction and use AI technology to support China’s rapid development and realize the “China Dream” earlier.

(Source: Shanghai Economic News Network)