The Coming of AI×5G Era: DeepBlue Technology Joined Hands with Shanghai Unicom to Build the 5G Joint Lab


On November 28, 2018, ShanghaiUnicom Summit 2018 themed by “5G• Imagination for Future” was grandly held at Shanghai Tower. Relevant leaders from Shanghai Municipal Economyand Information Technology Commission, Shanghai Communications Administration, Hongkou District Governmentand Yangpu District Government, executives of Shanghai Unicom, ICT industry experts, representatives from leading enterprises in the vertical industry, representatives of partner enterprises gathered together to discuss 5G new business, new scenarios and new modes, and envision a bright future.

As a leading AI enterprise in Shanghai, DeepBlue Technology was invited to attend the summit and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Unicom to build a 5G joint lab.For this agreement, the two sides reached and jointly announced the strategic consensus of joint progress in 5G innovation based on AI technology.

5G is the cornerstone of the Internet of everything, and AI is the booster of the Internet of everything. As the productivity of the new era, 5G and AI will bring about the change of the whole social production mode and the improvement of productivity.

A spokesman of Shanghai Unicom said it would promote the integration of its own business innovation advantages in 5G with the pioneering advantages of DeepBlue in AI, accelerate the transformation of 5G technology from the laboratory to an industrial application, and assist the development of the digital economy, mass innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to achieve win-win cooperation.

JIANG Shuai, general manager of the Innovation Ecology Center of DeepBlueTechnology, said that DeepBluehoped to cultivate and accelerate the 5G industrial chainand to promote the construction of smart citytogether with Shanghai Unicom through this cooperation, thus to better serve the government, enterprises and people’s livelihood, and create greater value of AI industry.

As the head enterprise of the first echelon of AI, DeepBlue Technology has made in-depth layout in self-driving and vehicle manufacturing, AI robot, AI CITY, biological intelligence, intelligent speech, retail upgrading,intelligent security, chip, military industry and other fields.Through in-depth cooperation with leading enterprises in various fields and technological R&D and innovation in AI algorithm, software and hardware, it has gradually established the AI+ multi-industry innovation ecology. Among them, the DeepBlue AI CITY is one of the most valuable ecological systems, which is closest to people’s livelihood.

At present, DeepBlue Technology will draw on the advantages of 5G communication technology, improve the massive computing capacity and speed of big data based on data transmission, jointly build AI CITY and improve people’s quality of life, thus to jointly benefit the society and people’s livelihood.