CHEN Haibo, Chairman of DeepBlue Technology, Was Honored As “the Leading Figure ofthe Fourth Shanghai Industry and Commerce Leading Figures Selection”


In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up, review the glorious history and great achievements of Shanghai’s industry in deepening the reform, continuously expanding the opening-up and achieving rapid development in the past 40 years, the “Innovation —Exhibition of 500 Achievements of Shanghai’s Industrial Reform and Opening-up in the Past 40 Years” was held in the exhibition hall of Shanghai Municipal CPP CCon November 27, 2018.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the award ceremony of “the Fourth Shanghai Industry and Commerce Leading Figures Selection” was simultaneously held. The leaders of Shanghai Municipal presented trophies to 35 entrepreneurs and 9 outstanding industry and commerce figures, including CHEN Haibo, chairman of DeepBlue Technology.

The “Shanghai Industry and Commerce Leading Figures Selection”, guided by Shanghai Municipal Government and jointly organized by Shanghai Federation of Industrial Economics, Shanghai Commercial Association and Shanghai Federation of Enterprises, is one of the most authoritative awards in Shanghai’s economic field.It is reported that the award-winning entrepreneurs this time are all outstanding representatives who have the courage to innovate, have the overall situation in mind, have the willingness to devote themselves, strive for excellence in the process of reform and opening-up, inherit and carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit with practical actions, and make contributions to the development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry in Shanghai.

AI is a strategic technology leading this round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, which has a “head wild goose effect” with strong spillover drive. As the chairman, founder and CEO of DeepBlue Technology, CHEN Haibo has led DeepBlue Technology to rapidly grow from a start-up enterprise to the head enterprise of the first echelon of AI. Adhering to the concept of “AI serves people’s livelihood”, the company has dedicated all efforts tofundamental research and application development of AI.

Among them, the self-developed intelligent retail products and “All in Palm-Go” products of DeepBlue Technology have been applied in AI foodmarkets, buildings and other places, which not only facilitate the life of nearby residents, but also allow Shanghai residents to enter the new intelligent era of “All in Palm-Go”; after the industrial upgrading of AI technology, DeepBluehas developed a personalized, customized and intelligent Pattaya mobile retail car, so that the goods are infinitely close to the people, and the general public can truly experience the convenience brought byAI; the high-precision intelligent monitoring equipment have established safety facilities for Village Video Surveillance Project, Safety Kitchen Project and other projects, thus to improve the safety of industry production and life; the image product of “the Belt and Road”— DeepBlue Panda Bus has not only improved the happiness of urban residents’ intelligent life, but also improved the brand image of intelligent manufacturing in China.

After four years of development, DeepBlue Technology has taken the lead in the field of fundamental research and application development of AI. It is believed that under the leadership of the chairman CHEN Haibo, DeepBlue Technology will blaze a trail of concept innovation, technology innovation, system innovation and management innovation, and make greater contributions to the development of AI and intelligent manufacturing in China.