DeepBlue Technology Was Selected into the “Dark Horse TOP 100 of 2018” and Ranked the First in the High-Tech Field


On November 23, 2018, “The 11th Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting of 2018”hosted by China’s authoritative startup platform Dark Horse was held at Beijing International Convention Center. The list of “Dark Horse TOP100 of 2018”was released at the meeting to commend enterprises with outstanding performance in various fields in 2018.

With its excellent performance and great development potential in the field of AI in the past year, DeepBlue Technology was selected into the“Dark Horse TOP100 of 2018” and ranked the first in the high-tech field.

“Dark Horse TOP100” is China’s most influential selection for high-growth startups and focuses on promising startups. The 100 companies, including DeepBlue Technology, are involved in AI, new consumption, e-commerce, education, finance, enterprise services and other fields.

This selection focuses on four evaluation criteria to conduct authoritative and comprehensive assessment: “innovation value, investment value, growth value and leading value”. The enterprisesin the list must be those that have achieved significant success in their industry and are the most representative of the future wave of business.

As a platform-oriented world-class AI MAKER, DeepBlue Technology has dedicated all effortsto the fundamental research and application development of AI and made in-depth layout in self-driving and vehicle manufacturing, AI robot, AI CITY, biological intelligence, retail upgrading, intelligent speech, intelligent security, chip, military industry and other fields, thus occupying a leading position in the industry.

At present, DeepBlue Technology has the world’s top Joint Lab on AI, Academician Expert Workstation, sales network worldwide and nearly 100 postdoctoral and doctoral academic leaders at home and abroad, with increasing international comprehensive strength.

The selection into “Dark Horse TOP100” this time fully demonstrates that DeepBlue Technology has achieved phased achievements in the nine major fields of AI and its enterprise strength has been highly recognized by the industry.In the future, DeepBlue Technology will continue to consolidate its leading position in fundamental research and application development of AI, adhere to the concept of “AI serves people’s livelihood”, accelerate the application of AI products, and benefit mankind.