“Intelligent Manufacturing in China”: The AI Products of DeepBlue Settled in Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub


The “‘6+365’ perennial exhibition and trading platform—Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub”created by Greenland Holdings was officially opened. Recognized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, this trading hub is just a block away from the National Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition hall of the first China International Import Expo.

It is reported that GAO Xiaomei, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, ZHAO Wen, vice chairman of Shanghai Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference, SUN Chenghai, deputy director of China International Import Expo Bureau and chairman of National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), and the consul-generals of more than 20 countries including Australia and the Czech Republic, attended the opening ceremony.

Besides the exhibition of imported goods from around the world, visitors can also see a variety of AI products from a Chinese AI company— DeepBlue Technology in the 110,000-square-meter commodity trading center
DeepBlue Smart Ant Logistics Robot (left) &DeepBlue Hotel Service Robot (right)
Through DeepBlue AI technologies such as language processing, biological recognition and self-driving, the DeepBlue Hotel Service Robot can deliver hotel guest room items, food and beverage, help guests with services like check-in and check-out, payment, and guidance. It has functions like automatic obstacle avoidance, face recognition, automatic charging, autonomous navigation etc.

As an autonomous robot with integrated duties of vacuuming, sweeping, washing, sterilizing, polishing and waxing, it uses machine vision algorithm matched with deep learning neural network to independently determine the cleanliness level of different areas. It can detect dust, trash, besmirch, and choose among different cleaning modes accordingly. It can help property management, increase efficiency and reduce cost.

It can automatically plan its route, identify obstacles, avoid pedestrians, read traffic lightsand park automatically. It can also conduct comprehensive area cleaning, circulatory closed-loop cleaning, automatic following&overtaking, driving area detection and partial path optimization, improve cleaning time limit and efficiency, avoid rush hours, reduce stress of traffic, improve the working environment of sanitation workers and ensure their safety.

It can aim at different environments to automatically trace customer services and retail, with real-time interactive functions including automatic calling, automaticaccosting, speech recognition, dynamic interaction and so on. It is a close-up retail mobile intelligent terminal launched by DeepBluefor the new retail market.

Its machine vision security system makes Wall-E fitted to patrol scenarios such as property management companies, office buildings, commercial and industrial areas, shopping centers and schools. It is capable of real-time monitoring, automaticcharging, and intelligent pre-warning. It supports map scanning, automaticroute planning and intelligent selecting of patrol areas. It is also integrated with videotaping, smart alarms, tracking and other pre-warning functions.

An AI Vending Machinecan use biological recognition for user account binding and use machine vision for automatic commodity identification, thus to achieve convenient shopping experiencethrough one-time registration. It provides open shopping, with large capacity. The free combination of multiple cabinets can decrease the cost of a convenience store by 3/4 and achieve 70% of sales.