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DeepBlue debuts at Smart China Expo with 5G enabled buses, road sweepers and smart city management systems


Shanghai, China, August 26, 2019 - DeepBlue Technology makes its debut at this year’s Smart China Expo, happening from the 26-29 August in Chongqing, China. The focus this year at this important expo in the Chinese tech calendar is on the symbiotic relationship between ‘5G + AI’, and is demonstrated in the theme of the Intelligent living: Enabling commerce, Enriching life.

DeepBlue will showcase its 5G-enabled AI products, such as the Panda Road Sweeper and the Panda Bus, at the event. In keeping pace with technological developments, DeepBlue’s 5G products are able to tap into the 5G networks to enable more complex processing of autonomous driving situations, reducing palm vein recognition times, foster greater instantaneous interactivity with computer-vision aided content and advertising.

Smart China Expo 2019
Smart China Expo 2019

A main attraction at this year’s Smart China Expo is that the entire event area will be covered in 5G networks, allowing companies such as DeepBlue to showcase their 5G capabilities to the public and guests. In addition to 5G products, this ‘twin pillars’ of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will feature prominently in DeepBlue’s AI City framework, an AI-enabled city management system built for smart cities using 5G and AI technologies.

Commenting at this year’s Smart China Expo, Wang Xinlei, Vice-President and Chief Strategy Officer of DeepBlue Technology, said: “The benefits of 5G is not in its high network speeds, which we have already achieved with 4G, but rather the low latency potential that allows us to do many more critical things in real time, such as autonomous driving and management of citywide emergency services.