DeepBlue was awarded “2018 China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Innovation Enterprise”


On November 29th, the 2018 billion European Innovator Annual Meeting and the 4th Innovation Awards Ceremony with the theme of “Smart Life in a Smart Industry” was held in Beijing. The site made outstanding contributions to the technology-driven industrial transformation in 2018. The company has been commended.

Among them, DeepBlue Technology's achievements in the "artificial intelligence service for people's livelihood" have been recognized by the industry and won the honor of "2018 China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Innovation Enterprise".

Technology has always been an important factor in promoting the evolution of the business environment, and the hottest technology upgrade trend is undoubtedly artificial intelligence. At the moment, the empowerment of artificial intelligence for all walks of life is proceeding with a warm attitude.

As a platform-class world-class AI MAKER, DeepBlue Technology has a strong advantage in basic research and application development, and has strong advantages in artificial intelligence software development and hardware manufacturing. Therefore, it has taken the lead in artificial intelligence and industry integration.

DeepBlue's Multi-functional Commercial Vehicle, Vending Robot for new retail, bio-smart access control systems, security robots, hotel service robots, logistics robots and smart voice service robots. The products have been matured in various domestic scenes.

Innovative technologies based on machine vision and behavior recognition and the first-hand hand-held identification system will play an important role in the future AI CITY; DeepBlue Panda buses with many artificial intelligence technologies and smart driving technology leading the world will also be sold overseas. , serving the people's livelihood.

DeepBlue believes that in the near future, the AI ​​galaxy built with artificial intelligence technology as its core will shine and open up new possibilities.