From Standardization to Intelligence: Changning’s First Meitian “AI Food Market” Was Opened Up


In November 2018, the Meitian AI Food Market located in Furong jiang Road of Changning District was opened for business. The bright glass doors and windows and the conspicuous discount signs attracted lots of consumers. Since the beginning of the construction of Meitian AI Food Market, the nearby citizens have known that it would be a “top-level” food supermarket.It is reported that this is the world’s first AI food market jointly launched by Joinval Trade Group and DeepBlue Technology—an indigenous AI enterprise in Shanghai.

The AI experience zone is divided into self-service shopping area and AI food market.In the self-service shopping area, citizens can use their mobile phones to register and associate payment information, thus finishing the shopping by scanning automatically. The freezer is stocked with all kinds of fresh fruits and drinks.The AI Food Market is a closed shopping scenario. After entering by scanning the phone, you can select any product that you want to buy in this open shopping area. There are two self-service checkout counters at the exit. When the goods are placed on the checkout counter, the price will be displayed.You simply scan your phone to finish the checkout and automatic payment.

The DeepBlue self-developed palm vein recognition technology can generate a string of encrypted characters based on the capillary structure of each customer’s palm. This string of encrypted characters is the user’s “Lifelong ID”.This ID is stored in the capillary structure of the palm, which is lifelong invariant and cannot be duplicated. It has high security and can help users realize “door opening by palm vein recognition”.And it can achieve “one-time registration for lifelong use”.

In June 2018, DeepBlue launched the AI Multi-Functional Commercial Vehicle. Changning Join val Trade Group took the lead in cooperating with DeepBlue to launch “call-a-store” service in 200 communities.Residents can “call” the mobile food vehicle to their home like calling a taxi through the mobile APP. After getting on the vehicle and picking up the food, they can “politely ask” the AI vehicle to leave so that residents can buy all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables without leaving their home.

In October 2018, the joint-venture company Shenhua Zhiqiao (Shanghai)Science and Technology Limited Company jointly invested by DeepBlue Technology and Shanghai Changning Joinval Trade Group was founded and its first board meeting was held at the same time. Shenhua Zhiqiao (Shanghai)Science and Technology Limited Company will vigorously make layout of the first mobile retail project in China—AI Multi-Functional Commercial Vehicle. The AI Multi-Functional Commercial Vehicle will also be put into service in communities, industrial parks and commercial districts of Shanghai.